c:seu Korean Beauty and Fashion

About Us

Who we are

We are a group of adamant shoppers, critics and practical fashionistas. We launched c:seu [kʃoo] in January 2017 to bring women all over the world great practical products that never sacrifice style. 

All of our bags and accessories start coming to life with a "real woman" session in which we envision the daily life of women around the world. What we need, what we do and hence what we carry. From there we plan ways in which these practical adaptations can come to life in a real product. We research materials, optimal workmanship for particular styles and make sure the key elements are all there before we begin sampling. And of course no bag is a real bag unless it looks fabulous so we make sure that happens too! 

We sample our products and test them with real women then improve. Once we are confident we have something we are happy with, we work with the best artisans for bags and accessories in Korea to create a c:seu product!

All of our products are produced in small quantities so we can tackle quality control intimately and ensure you always receive only the best product! 


Where our Products are Designed and Made

All of our products are designed in our office in Seoul, Korea and then locally manufactured. We select local and/or imported materials, friendly to the environment and most optimal for a particular product. We work only with manufacturers that support best practices in terms of work environment and business conduct. 


Our Prices

We want to ensure our customers receive really great quality products, which means sourcing the best materials and workmanship we can find. This means higher costs. BUT, it's important for us to also provide value for money. So we have come up with a solution. We charge just enough over cost of production to cover our minimal overhead and other costs and minimize our profit margins so we don't have to sacrifice quality of our brand. Our goal is to get fabulous products out to our customers and make just enough money to continue doing just that. Our profit margins are about 25%, much lower than the industry norm so we can give you much more than what you paid for!